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Maysville Virtual Academy




Our families asked and we listened!  The Maysville Virtual Academy will now serve students down to Kindergarten through 12th grade.  We are excited to offer virtual learning for a semester commitment and our virtual students will be working with Maysville Teachers!





Maysville Virtual Academy

Kindergarten – 12th Grade

The Maysville Virtual Academy combines the convenience of online learning with the support of one-on-one instruction from an Oklahoma certified teacher.  This blended learning model allows students and families to set their own pace with the guidance from a Maysville teacher.


The Maysville Virtual Academy, while convenient, will be challenging.  The most successful virtual students have one thing in common, their commitment to learning.  So, is it right for you or the student in your family?  The plan is designed to fit:

  • Families seeking a virtual option during this time of uncertainty who want to remain a Warrior and support our school by keeping local funds within the Maysville School district.
  • Students who have underlining health concerns and in-person schooling is not appropriate.
  • Students who want to attend school in an online environment 100%, but remain connected to Maysville Schools.
  • Students who are self-motivated and can problem solve.
  • Students who desire to learn at an accelerated pace.
  • Students who desire to learn at their own pace.


The virtual curriculum is being purchased from Edgenuity, a well-established online curriculum provider.  Instruction will be provided by a Maysville teacher who will be issuing assignments and offering homework help.  All curriculum will be based on the Oklahoma State standards.


Maysville Virtual Academy enrollment application forms can be downloaded below and may also be found on our website.  You may pick up a paper application starting July 29th at the high school.  For additional information, contact Mr. John Edwards Virtual Coordinator at jkedwards@maysville.k12.ok.us or Superintendent Dr. Shelly Beach at shildebrand@maysville.k12.ok.us.  We understand that this can be overwhelming and want to be there for our families and encourage open communication.


Maysville Virtual Academy Application


Virtual Learning Plan Q & A

Why is there an application process?

The virtual application/enrollment process allows the school to prepare for staffing needs and the individual needs of our enrolling students.  It also allows for an intake meeting between school staff and families.  We want to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Is there a fee?

For students who enroll in the virtual option and complete a semester of instruction, there is NO fee.  For students who enroll in the virtual option but exit before completion of the semester, YES there will be a fee.  This fee will be to reimburse the district for funds used to pay for the student’s online curriculum.


Is attendance recorded for virtual students?

To be counted present in the MVA, students will:

  • Participate in every course each week for an average of one (1) hour per day per course (300 minutes weekly in each course as a minimum.
  • Log in and work on courses for at least 360 minutes (6 hours) each day which is an average of one hour per course per school day.
  • Complete and submit course assignments as indicated on each Pace Chart in accordance with due dates to make adequate progress toward course completion.
  • Communicate with MVA staff as needed via zoom, telephone conversations, email correspondence, and or IM.
  • Check email at least once daily and respond to any teacher or staff inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Adhere to the MVA school calendar for attendance days; however, students may choose to work on non-instructional days (i.e. Spring Break week).


Can my student start virtual and then transition back to in-person schooling?

Yes, at any time, a student can switch from virtual to in-person schooling.  If this is done before the end of the semester, a fee will be charged.


Can my student participate in extra-curricular activities?

No, students enrolled in the Virtual Learning Plan are not eligible to participate.